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Concrete Sealing

Our team can permanently seal your concrete surfaces, so you can "Seal it and forget it!"


Seal Once Concrete Sealant is not a top coating that will eventually wear off. Our sealant penetrates into the concrete to create a hardened and permanent barrier.


This clear sealant can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications, such as driveways, sidewalks, garages, patios, basement floors, pool decks and any other concrete surface!

With our concrete sealant, we're not on it, we're in it! And it's backed by an exclusive 25-year guarantee.


The Seal Once Difference

​​Here's what our special sealer can do for your concrete:

  • Stops and prevents scaling and pitting

  • Protects permanently against water, salt and other  corrosive deterioration

  • Increases its strength from 25% to 30%

Seal Once KC's Concrete Sealing Process

​Here are the steps taken by our professionally trained and certified team to seal and protect your concrete surfaces.


  1. We pressure wash the concrete surface with our orbital scrubber.

  2. ​Then we apply 2 coats of our clear, penetrating sealant which begins to work immediately.

  3. ​This sealant forms a hardened barrier beneath the concrete surface.

  4. When completed, the concrete will be protected from water, salt and other corrosives, thus preventing deterioration from pitting and scaling.

Concrete cleaning & sealing job pics

Here are some pictures of work recently completed by Seal Once KC.

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